A micro Mediterranean climate

A micro Mediterranean climate on the west coast of Sardinia, which regenerates the spirit and warms the soul even during winter.750 acres of undulating foliage of pine forest that blend with 6 km of pristine beach that slopes gently into the clear blue sea. Temperatures: winter 10 to 14 ° C, summer 30 to 33 ° C. Rainfall is around 550 to 600 mm per year. 


The pine forest was planted to stop the advance of the dunes toward the land. Thus was born a true oasis, with unique flora and fauna. Going beyond the dune you can reach the beach where the sea unpredictably reserve all year breathtaking sunsets. The cars do not go beyond the hotel parking lot. Is Arenas can be best admired by bike, by electrical cart or walking. Is Arenas today presents a unique biodiversity: 10 protected habitats, from the sea (Grasslands of Poseidonia) to the pine forest (dune forests of pines, various types of coastal dunes) to 89 different species (4 insects, 2 fish, two amphibians , 8 reptiles, 12 mammals, 55 birds), including 18 protected species, in particular: two turtles, two mammals and 14 birds.

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